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Management company in the taxi industry

Case: A management company in the taxi industry
About the project
The client came with a simple request. It was done:
  • website
  • created offers for the market
  • created creatives for advertising
  • created Instagram and Facebook
  • gave recommendations on the content of social networks
Launched traffic and retargeting. As a result, we attracted partners and customers.
Set goals:
  1. Create a website
  2. Prepare everything for the launch of advertising
  3. Attracting customers and partners
What was done:
  1. We packed and made landing pages
  2. Made offers
  3. Made photo and video creatives
  4. We connected the crm system
  5. Launched advertising campaigns on Google and social networks
  • The average cost of an application for a job as a driver is $3.5
  • The average cost of a partnership application is $5
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