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Georgian sweets pishmaniye

Case: Georgian sweets pishmaniye
About the project
The client came to us with two websites. There was advertising before, but the client wanted to scale and didn't know how to do it properly. He needed to get the order price up to $2. We tested 2 sites, gave edits on Instagram, how to manage it correctly, how to repackage the header, what stories should be pinned. Production in Kyiv region, delivery throughout Ukraine.

From the features. Few people know what kind of sweets these are, so we made video creatives that told what they are, and people in the video tasted the sweets and guessed what they were.
Set goals:
  1. More orders, from 30 orders per day
  2. Order price up to 2$ per order
What was done:
  1. Set up analytics to track sales
  2. Developed a target audience
  3. Selected a group of target audiences that are best suited
  4. Tried a wide and similar audience that has already bought the product
  5. Tested different creatives
  6. Tested different advertising texts
  7. We connected retargeting
  8. We tried the advertising goal, selling by catalog
  9. We made video creatives of unpacking, review, and photo creatives
  10. We tested different formats. We kept the ones that worked and turned off the most expensive ones
Before we started advertising on the site, the applications were about $3 (the goal was about $2)

But when the budget was scaled up, the bid price grew dramatically. They turned to us to help them scale and keep the bid price down. We managed to do it.
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